What is your high school student doing this weekend to prepare for college?

Whether your child has committed to a specific college or still waiting to hear back, be aware that many Universities & Colleges have a deadline this Monday, February 1, 2016, for their own student financial aid.  

The Aviles Real Estate Group cares about your family’s finances and children’s education.  Take the time to go through each college’s Financial Aid page and Major’s page.  Money is available, as example one of our child’s top Universities Engineering department has 59 scholarships from Alumni’s and 10% don’t require an essay but they do require you to apply.   

Additionally, March 2, 2016 is the California deadline to apply to FAFSA (Student Financial Aid), every single student even Jr. College students should apply to FAFSA.  Billions of dollars are available every year.  Most families are eligible regardless of your income but you must meet the deadline and apply.  Every deadline varies per state go toFAFSA.ed.gov for further information and pass this along to all your family and friends who have a student in college.